Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1  teachers follow the Read Write Inc program for literacy. The children are taught sounds, read books and apply what they have learned in their writing. You can find more information and video tutorials at www.ruthmiskin.com/en/parents/




To edit their work the children use purple polishing pens.



Key Stage 1 and 2 teachers also teach writing through Big Write to ensure that the children complete a longer piece of writing to build up their stamina. We have been using exciting ways of engaging the children using IT, especially after the workshop for staff and pupils by Tim Rylands. The children have used IT games to stimulate language for setting, character and story.


Ipads are used in a variety of ways. Year 2 have used them to create posters in PicCollage.






In Key Stage 2 the teachers plan to the new national curriculum and make sure that the children are exposed to many different genres.  IT is used to engage the children.








Some children work on their phonics in small groups.





The children have enjoyed a visit to the Curve Theatre to experience the poetry of Kit Wright. This was followed up by a workshop with the poet himself!







A few lucky children went to the Curve to listen to Simon Mayo talk about his books featuring Itch and were enthralled by the Mad Science show.




Fiction as well as non-fiction books are used to introduce and enhance topics. In year 2
they used The three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig as an introduction to materials.